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Norton antivirus is the greatest security software which protects your device from both external and internal warning. You can install this usually known software by going to the official website of Norton through It gives user friendly interface and consumes very less space in the memory of your device. It scans the data on usual basis to progress the speed of your device. You can use this antivirus for home as well as for official reason. It is well-matched with all the devices such as Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones.

How to Create Norton Account?

1. Visit to the Norton antivirus link i.e.

2. You must tap on “My Accounts” option.

3. Then, tap on “Sign Up” option.

4. Here, type all the details for sign in to the account.

5. Then, just type the account username and account pass code to log-into the account.

6. Read the terms and conditions of Norton and tap on the Agree option.

7. When the account is created, then you will find the notification.

Steps to Download Norton on your Device:

• You must go to the Homepage of Norton via

• After follow this, search for the My Account section and click on it.

• Now, you must tap on the Download button.

• Then, you must choose your desired option for downloading Norton antivirus: Install on this device Download on another device

• In case, you would like to install the Norton setup on the same device, then you have to tap on the option “Download on this System” from the expanded menu.

• Now, just wait for the download process to complete.

Steps to Install Norton on Your Device:

• You must press Window logo and R key to open the Run dialogue box.

• Now, you must type “Norton” in the search area and tap on the OK button.

• Then, you must tap on the appeared section of Downloads.

• After this, just you have to look for the Norton file and tap on it.

• Here, the installation will start when you tap on the .exe file.

• When the Norton antivirus is correctly installed on your device then you will get the alert message.

Steps to Activate Norton Antivirus on Your Device:

• Firstly, tap on the taskbar which is located at the lower section of your device.

• Now, you must click on the Start menu.

• Then in the search bar you have to type Norton.

• Now the list will show on your screen, you just have to tap on the Norton file.

• Here you must run the file extension bar and go to the “My Accounts” section.

• After this, enter all the required credentials and Signed-In to your account.

• Then, tap on the tab “My Subscription”.

• Now, select the subscription plan.

• And carefully go in all the digits related to activation key code.

• Then, tap on the Submit button to “Accept” all the changes.

• Now, your product will be activated.

For more information, you can visit to the official website of Norton antivirus through You can also contact on their toll free number for help.

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